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Quick Q and A with Catie Curtis

A music critic once described the music of Catie Curtis as “sophisticated simplicity.”  That’s an excellent way to highlight the fact that Catie’s songs reflect the pure emotions and feelings that resonate with her fans; yet those very same songs are wrapped up in an exquisite musical quilt of sound and rhythm.  Well-respected songwriter, Mary Gauthier, praises Catie in one of the most heartfelt…

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Quick Q and A with Radoslav Lorkovic

If you have never had the opportunity to experience Radoslav Lorkovic, you are missing a master at work.  Whether it be his virtuosic piano playing or his uncanny way of adding just the right touches from his beautiful red accordion, concert goers are in for a real treat.  It truly doesn’t matter who he is playing with; he’s played with so many of the A list musicians in the country and each and…

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Quick Q and A with Greg Klyma

Greg Klyma is a product of the Rust Belt—Buffalo, NY to be exact.  As his bio states, he’s an old-school troubadour with contemporary savvy.  He’s a guy who has a ton of stories to tell and songs to sing.  He’s rambled all over the country but decided to call Somerville home in recent years.  The greater-Boston area has benefited from his presence.  If he’s not on stage doing his own set, he’s…

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Quick Q and A with Molly Pinto Madigan

Molly Pinto Madigan is quite an extraordinary young woman.  She’s a veritable whirlwind of creativity.  If she’s not performing a show, she’s writing a book. If she’s not writing a book, she’s helping to produce a concert series at the local library or giving a workshop on music to students at her alma mater. Molly clearly has music in her soul; she weaves musical tales of love and love lost with…

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Quick Q and A with Jeff Black

I’ve been an admirer of Jeff Black’s music since the very first time I heard his music on the radio about ten years ago.  Then I had the joy of digging into the back catalog of his music and discovering his early material. One of the most wonderful things about finding a new artist is that you get to play “connect the dots” and see who that artist has played with, been covered by, or any other…

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Jonah Tolchin: One of the Fall’s Hottest Musicians!

It seems that Jonah Tolchin is everywhere!  He’s become one of the media’s darlings this year.  The release of his latest recording, Clover Lane, has attracted a good deal of attention.  He was signed to Yep Rock Records and has been touring all over the country.  And he’s a newlywed!  Yes, we’d have to say that 2014 has been a good year for Jonah Tolchin.

You may recall Jonah’s appearance at the

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Quick Q and A with Mandolin Orange

The sound of stars rising — Mandolin Orange!  This dynamic duo from North Carolina has been described as the contemporary version of Gram Parsons and Emmy Lou Harris or maybe even Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings.  National Public Radio chose their latest CD, This Side of Jordan, as one of the Top 10 Folk / Americana albums of 2013.  Mandolin Orange played at the legendary Newport Folk Festival…

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Quick Q and A with Jim Trick

Jim Trick is one a kind.  His joyful sincerity and contagious enthusiasm are perfect for the stage and it helps that his songwriting is meaningful and his stage presence is magnetic.  Think about musicians who have that kind of palpable connection with their audiences—and multiply that sensation by two or three. That’s the kind of guy Jim Trick is.  He’s the real thing whether you meet him on the…

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Quick Q and A with Linda Sharar

Linda Sharar is an award-winning singer-songwriter whose songs are honest and pure. Linda expresses herself in an easy, familial, and tangible way as though she’s been a good friend for years . There’s a musical comfort zone that wraps around you with each and every song. That kind of rapport is something to appreciate and respect.

To learn more about Linda Sharar, visit her website.

Here’s a…

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Quick Q and A with Tumbling Bones

Tumbling Bones is a young string band with an old sound.  Their voices combine in a musical pastiche that is reminiscent of years past but they’re actually a contemporary band hailing from Portland, Maine.  Pete Winn (guitar, percussive dance), Jake Hoffman (banjo, upright bass) and Kyle Morgan (guitar, upright bass) sing three-part harmonies that would make bluegrass pickin’ angels jealous. …

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