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Quick Q and A with Cricket Tell the Weather

Quick Q and A with Cricket Tell the Weather

After winning last year’s FreshGrass Festival Award last year, this eclectic band has continued to blossom and spread their music up and down and across the Northeast.  Their music falls under the musical umbrella of bluegrass but at the same time they exhibit a bit of indie-rock, old-timey and Americana.  As with most music these days, it’s simply…

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Quick Q and A with Session Americana’s Jim Fitting

Quick Q and A with Session Americana’s Jim Fitting

It’s been said that Session Americana is a rock band in a tea cup or possibly a folk band in a whiskey bottle.  The musicians in the band huddle around a little bar table, playing their heart and souls out.  One of the most visible players sits stage right adding his memorable harmonica licks and riffs to each song; sometimes subtly and sometimes like a locomotive.  His name is Jim Fitting.  Jim…

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Quick Q and A with Meg Hutchinson

Quick Q and A with Meg Hutchinson

Meg Hutchinson is an inspiration in oh-so-may ways.  Not only is she a fabulous poet and fantastic singer-songwriter but she is a champion.  Meg is an active advocate for mental health awareness.  Having suffered from mental health issues herself, she is keenly aware of what it’s like and is a powerful speaker on the subject.

Learn more about Meg at her website.

Take a few minutes to listen to…

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Quick Q and A with Natalia Zukerman

Quick Q and A with Natalia Zukerman

Natalia Zukerman is a multi-talented artist who has plied her trades on both coasts – as a muralist in San Francisco and as a musician in Boston and New York. She may have grown up surrounded by classical musicians, but it was the folk and acoustic music scene that beckoned to her to join forces.  Natalia has recorded seven CDs and has contributed her talents to recordings by Susan Werner, Willy…

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Quick Q and A with Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan

Quick Q and A with Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan

As Claudia Russell’s biography states, she is a unique musical mixture  — “a whimsical melting pot of traditional and contemporary styles.”  That does sum it up.  It’s a sure bet that one will never get bored listening to Claudia and her husband and partner in musical crime, Bruce Kaplan.  They have a way of creating a vast array of song types within any set and on all of their recordings. …

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Getting to Know Zameer

Getting to Know Zameer

Zameer is a Canadian singer-songwiter who was born in Pakistan and makes exceptionally powerful and inspirational music. Many of his songs have to do with political unrest and social injustices. He has achieved success in his adopted home of Toronto where he’s been voted the Best Artist by the Toronto Independent Music Awards as well as being included in the Top 10 Live Acts in Toronto. He was…

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Getting to Know Hayley Reardon

Getting to Know Hayley Reardon

I’ve been lucky enough to know this Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist for the past five years….since she was in junior high school.  Hayley Reardon impressed me from the moment I heard her sing her songs to an audience of a half dozen people after hours at the me&theecoffeehouse in our mutual hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts.  She was pretty new to writing and singing in front of others but she…

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Getting to Know Libby Koch

Getting to Know Libby Koch

It’s always interesting to get the list of Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists and to look for the names of those artists who you have already seen, those who you’ve heard of before but never seen and those you seem to crop out of nowhere and demand to be heard.  Libby Koch was one of those names for me.  I’m glad I got to hear her authentic music, rooted for generations in the deep, dusty Texan soil.

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